Customized Facial – Full Hour – $120

Everyone’s skin is truly unique. The Almery facial is customized to meet your individual needs.

All facials include…

– Cleanse
– Exfoliation
– Scalp Massage
– Extractions
– Mask
– Foot Rub
– Shoulder Massage
– Toner
– Serum
– Rehydrating Lotion

May Include Guasha, Non-Chemical Infusion, Facial Cupping, and Jade Rolling depending on your skin’s needs.

Sugaring Hair Removal Services

Brazilian – First Time $75 / Return $70 / Pre-Book $65
Hair removal from front to back with or without a shape. This Brazilian service delivers an unparalleled experience. This service takes about an hour.

Basic Bikini $45
A basic clean up that’ll get you to the beach safely!

Full Leg $130
From toes to bikini line everything will shine!

Lower Leg $70
From knees to toe your skin will glow!

Upper Leg / Inner Thigh $80
From bikini line to knee cap.

Leg services are a commitment. You will not want to do these services if you plan on shaving in the future. Committing to these services gets you baby fine hair in between services and less regrowth almost immediately. Done right, a full leg service can take two hours. Please plan enough time when scheduling your appointment

Underarm $35
Fully hair and stubble free underarms.
Underarm hair can be very soft and breakable, it also grows in multiple directions most of the time. It’s important to go slow when molding sugar in this treatment and to pay special attention to detail on how each person’s hair removes from the follicle. This service takes 40.

Full Face $60
Full of grace and no hair on the face.
The hair on the face can be extremely soft and breakable. It is vital to take this service nice and slow to ensure that the small hairs get formed the correct way in the sugar. It’s also important that you do not leave hot faced or with irritated skin. The cooling mask and jade rolling helps to insure the heat is removed from the face. This service takes one hour.

Full Arm $80
Wrist bones to shoulders
The hair on the arms are soft and breakable. Taking time to get the soft hair properly molded into the sugar paste requires a special set of skills if not done properly it leads to broken hair, rapid regrowth, unsightly ingrowns and bumps. This service takes one hour.

Half Arm $45
Elbows to wrists

Full Tummy $45
Just under cleavage to pant line
Probably the some of the softest, finest hair on the body. This area is prone to ingrowns if hair is removed improperly or neglected to be exfoliated. You must agree to exfoliate at lease once a week after service to retain flawless hair removal. This service takes one hour.

Buns $50
Cheek to Cheek
This is superfine baby like hair and requires a slow molding technique. This service takes 45 minutes to one hour.

The following are add on services only. They may be booked with any other services provided by Almery & Company.

Lip $15
Chin $20
Lip & Chin $30
Brow Shaping $25
Nipple Sugaring $20
Nose $20
Ear $20
Lower Tummy $15

All sugaring services are Deluxe and include Ginger Tea to help with inflammation and to reduce pain, a pre-sugar cleanse, hand molded sugar hair removal, ingrown removal if needed, Hungarian mud mask, healing serum, and lotion.

All Services are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. No Walk In’s. Thank You